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Chris Evans

In our most recent interview we talked to Mr. Chris Evans, Business Development Manager at Bitcoin Gambling Guide on his take on Bitcoin in this industry and how he ended a part of it. Enjoy the read!

Could you introduce yourself Chris?

I’m Chris Evans, Business Development Manager at Bitcoin Gambling Guide. I have a significantly long history in the online marketing business with more than 11 years already. I’ve ventured into various industries—startups, media buying, online casinos, and even traffic sales. Now, I’m fully devoting my time on my latest project, keeping it ahead of the game and to remain as the largest bitcoin casino review site.

How did you find about Bitcoin and how did you got involved?

It was in 2012 when I first encountered Bitcoin. It sparked my curiosity, and I eventually got interested in it to the point that I knew I had to experience it myself. I decided to invest in it in order to learn its system and later on used it in my businesses to see how first-hand application of the cryptocurrency translates in the real world.

How was Bitcoin Gambling Guide founded and what is the mission, how does it help people?

When I got involved with Bitcoin, I noticed the budding potential for the bitcoin gambling sector. While more people are getting interested in it, unfortunately, there is hardly enough information on bitcoin gambling. Many bettors want to know which bitcoin casinos are the best places to play in, especially when instances of scam began to rise. Having enough background in marketing and online casino, I knew my knowledge in these businesses could be of use, so I finally decided to start Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

It started with relevant content about the basics of using bitcoins to gamble. Then it expanded its offerings with the publication of bitcoin gambling brand reviews. The latest addition to our offerings is the Bitcoin and gambling-related news.

Through what Bitcoin Gambling Guide offers, many bettors from across the globe are assured of having a favorable gambling experience, thanks to our more than 300 objective reviews. We are also positive that we effectively relay valuable information, news, trends, and developments beyond the borders and become instrumental for the further growth of not just bitcoin gambling industry, but of Bitcoin as well.

What is your take on the whole gambling industry and bitcoin among it as a new player?

The online gaming industry is so vast, encompassing so many various sectors that operate on fiat currencies. That is the main difference that sets bitcoin gambling apart. It is true, though, that the bitcoin gambling sector is a niche market and takes up only a small percentage of the industry as a whole. However, I’m positive that so many opportunities are in store, especially once Bitcoin successfully enters the mainstream market.

Are you for now remaining in this stage as an “internet guide/magazine” for gambling or are you planning on expanding?

We have expanded our offerings last year by providing newsworthy and relevant content on top of the brand reviews and other information about bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling. We’re pleased with the reception of our readership, but we are always on the lookout for other means and opportunities to bring our services to the next level. We’re very open to the suggestions of our readers and are always finding ways to address new demands.

How do you see Bitcoin in the near and far future?

I’m optimistic that Bitcoin as a payment system will strive in the future. I believe it presents a glimpse of what payment transactions will be like in the years to come. However, before it reaches that status, it needs to overcome several challenges at present. Improvements in the technology, more adoption, and stability in price are some of the aspects that must be addressed.

 Some final words?

Bitcoin Gambling Guide is working doubly hard to produce significant, useful, and up-to-date content to arm our readers with insightful perceptions and knowledge.  Our team has grown and is more than ready to take on new challenges and provide spot-on offerings every day.


Here you are dear readers, an interesting look on the bitcoin and his potential in the industry. We thank Chris for sharing his thoughts and insights on the topic.


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